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    Muskoka Flat Roofing

    Dillon Bros. Roofing want to look after your flat roofing in Muskoka projects. We are the experienced company that is dedicated to all of our customers in the area. For us, there’s no greater pleasure than exceeding your expectations with quality products and workmanship.

    That’s why our Muskoka flat roofing service is industry-leading. We are proud to offer an excellent range of membranes that suit the projects we work on. Offering each and every one of our clients a selection is a priority.

    No Two Jobs Are The Same

    Because no two-flat roofing Muskoka jobs are the same, our clients have a choice of traditional 2 ply modified bitumen. We also have advanced single ply EPDM and TPO systems that can be mechanically fastened or fully adhered.

    Each of the installers that work for us have been expertly trained. If you take a look at the testimonials on our website, you’ll see the difference that quality makes. Dillon Bros. Roofing is dedicated to making sure you protect your commercial or residential investment.

    Our commitment to safety when it comes to flat roofing in Muskoka is industry-leading. Everyone who works for us is fully trained in important areas like safety standards and fall protection. Quality installation and hoisting and rigging techniques are included.

    Flat Roofing Muskoka

    Flat Roofing in Muskoka Resume

    Our company has expanded over the years to the point where we have an impressive flat roofing in Muskoka resume. Initially, Dillon Bros. Roofing was a small business with three employees. Over the years, our dependability and commitment to excellence has allowed us to complete over 10,000 projects.

    Moving into the Muskokas to help businesses and residential customers was a logical next step. Take a look at the flat roofing products we use and you’ll see industry-leading names that you can trust.

    Dillon Bros. Roofing has the experience you need to feel safe, dry and warm in your business or house in the Muskokas. Our number one priority is 100% customer satisfaction. We treat each and every client like they were a member of our family because your approval motivates us.

    Get in touch with Dillon Bros. Roofing so we can look after your flat roofing in Muskoka needs.